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project3090: ATFV2M6 "Racoon"

ATFV2M6 "Racoon" was created by Thorin ind. in 3040 and this vehicle already has 6generation of was cinstructed As a part of Alliance NAVY and Marines Land programm.It is versitale utility vehicle capable to do all spectre of land missions.It is powered up by Condensator energy battery by Daewon electric ltd.Also it has hybrid engine Wolksvagen EpowerMark600.Racoon has several modifications:Lancer-has 120mm railgun 45mm railgun crew of 2 and landing party of 20. Commander-has 45mm railgun, advanced vision crew of 10.A party of UAV. Armored Recovery vehicle-third modification.UAV Base-4 mod. Recon-5 mod. BiohazardRec.-6 mod. AntiAir-7 mod. which are the most сommon in Alliance forces. Today it is still very reliable and powerfull vehicle