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project 3090: Land cruiser of Alliance Armed Forces

Alliance Armed Forces used Land cruisers as a mobile command centers, HQs , energy , water replenishment mobile centres.Also they served as Anti Air Deffence. This particular land cruiser was designed by LMI . has on board command centre, 2 thermo nuclear reactors, 2 nuclear reactors, fuel ,air, water tankers, hangars for 2 VTOLs and 20 UAVs , 9 for 8 cells of AA VLS star dragon mk3. Maintance hangar for smaller vehicles of land fleet, Also Land cruiser has quarters for 500 crew + 500 crew marines. Land cruiser where used on big deserted planets (which was a lot in every system, even more they where filled with valuable resoursers and minerals) with breatheable or non breatheable atmosphere or without it. Ussualy such planets becomes frontlines of corporations, alliance, frontire .Soo such land flagship cruisers was vital for each battle group, as it was their heart , eyes , and anti air shield on vast open areas.