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project3090:Dr.Kelvin Moosarna

Dr.Kelvin Moosarna was born in 3043 on the planet Afrodita in the small industrial city Tolgof.His family long before his birth moved from Jerusalem to this planet.His father ,Avri Moosarna,was former scientist.His mother-Sany Moosarna was biologyst,both they gives Kelvin all Knowledge they have and always support his ideas.Thats why,after the serial of theracts all over alliance territorys,as well as on Afrodita he applied to the Vancouver Allianse Systems Navy Academy to become an field medic.He show impressive resaults in the Academy but could not finish his study, because Oridana conflict begun.There, on the battlefield his duty was sighted by unknown general who gives straight order to reasign Kelvin to the Alliance Special Operations Forces Academy on the Venus. Right here the story of Kelvin Moosarna-unknown soldier,medic, biologyst on unknown battlefields has begun.He served in company which always do very dirty work.Oftenly Moosarna do the same.