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project3090: Motorhead ship

Motorhead is Model-A utillity transport vessel 170meter long , more cummon as a truck that could pull hundreed of containers or tankers to the stations.Less cummon as a asteroid miner that could tractor small asteroid to the mobile refinery.Also ship has inside curgoholds. comfy quarters for crew, thermonuclear power core that helps him to land on the suraface od the planets and fly in their atmospere.It has forward extention arms that could take cargo and side arms with manouver engines on ends that helps to make vessel more manouverable with cargo locked in forward arms.Firstly designed on Earth on KLRW ltd. (Kessel Luft und Raumfahrt Werke) in 2998-Model-A quicly become all-spread on Alliance, Coalition and Frontire systems.You can see tham almost every where because a lot of corporations built them by license.Totally produced number unknown.Aprox: several hundred of thouthands.