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project3090: Haikano aerospace MAF-3(MultiAtmosphereFighter) Octopus

MAF-3(MultiAtmosphereFighter) Octopus created by Haikano aerospace corporation is main battle fighter of the AllianseSpaceNavy. The small vessels fighters like-sized are not effective in the space battles,so all fighters only use for in-atmosphere dogfigts and air supreiority.MAF-3 is a very utillitary fighter that do the work of fighter,attack fighter,interceptor and bomber.Octopus have very long wing to flight in low atmosphered planet, but mostly MAF-3 use his small manouever engines in every type of atmospheres, engines also used for vertical lift and take-off .His construction is very durable, the most armoured place is cockpit were 2 pilots sitting.All weaponry sitiuated inside the fighter. Octopus was created in 3020 and for about 20 years he had trial, after that in 3040 the mass production began on the Haikano`s factorys on Earth, Afrodita and on Meridian