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Meridian is nothing but plants and industry right to horizon. It is a production facility based on moon Karra orbiting gas giant-Thor in the system alphaValkiriye.Karra used to have tremengous amount of different resourses, added to this gravity anomaly on orbit ,that helps to accelerate ships to all given directions using almost no fuel, make Karra very important object in the Alliance expanse and searching new worlds, 80 years ago in 3010 Meridian was built.It is arcology mega-structure made from metal modular basis and ferroconcrete.A structure of 170km in diameter consist inside everything for production.Resourses refinary complex, metallurgical plants.mass production facilities, shipyards, space transportation towers(spaceport).Most production belons to the Alliance megacorporations .Here Alliance built everything it need in this far region to give it to colonizers.Past 80 year Meridian stays as nothing but plants, but now megacorporations from Frontire can operate here too.